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Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter or simply live healthier, the SHAPE BABE app offers you the right helpers to support you in achieving your individual goals. In this way you not only get the best out of yourself, you form your new attitude towards life: the best version of you.


All the benefits of the app:

Use the app for free & without advertising

Record your successes with our TRACKER & upload your own photos

Melt away with incredibly delicious blended meals (MKMs) including burgers, lasagna & co. or pimp your SHAPE BABE to smoothies, waffles and more.

Let our PLANNER guide you through the SHAPE BABE weight loss cure & plan your meals & let it remind you to take your products.

Easily determine your favorite recipes with the SWIPE function & create your personal favorites list

Discover your favorite ingredients with the smart search recipes & put them directly on your shopping list


Can’t lose weight and feast? Then you don’t know the recipes from the Shape World kitchen yet: Over 120 recipes for your mixed food meal (MKM) or your SHAPE BABE – and all for free! You can easily search for your favorite ingredient in the app, and you’ll find recipes to match. Or use the SWIPE feature to designate favorite recipes with a swipe. To keep you organized while shopping, you can put the ingredients of all recipes directly on your shopping list. And to stay up-to-date, your app will show you which new recipes have been added since your last visit. All recipes are calculated to one meal and come with our nutrition chart.


With the PLANNER you have your nutrition fully under control. He will guide you through the SHAPE BABE weight loss cure and help you with your dietary changes. The SHAPE BABE weight loss cure was designed according to the latest nutritional science findings, so that you can achieve the greatest possible weight loss results in the shortest possible time. With the PLANNER you are well prepared: The plan guides you through every single day of the 31-day cure and you simply check off everything that has already been done.


Our TRACKER helps you to record your successes during your dietary change. Record your weight and girth daily and keep track of your success. The SHAPE BABE TRACKER automatically calculates the change to your last data. You can also upload photos of yourself and visualize your change. This way you can compare pictures and realize that you yourself are your greatest motivation. We are sure that you will manage to get your act together in any situation, which is why you can have your successes displayed in a clear diagram. You will see: sometimes it only needs a little helper to form a new attitude towards life.


With the news from the SHAPE BABE app you are always up-to-date. In our newsfeed you can immediately see what’s new in the Shape World family. Here you will find the latest articles from our blog, promotions and much more.

Download now and lose weight even smarter!

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