First steps

The Shape World weight loss cure is divided into three phases:

Detox Phase:

The detox phase goes from day 1 to day 3.

In this you drink one shake in the morning, one shake at noon and one shake in the evening for three days.
Half an hour before each shake, take two SATIESCAPTION capsules. In the morning and at noon you take a SMOOTH ACTIVATOR capsule 30 minutes after the shake.


Weight loss phase

The weight loss phase goes from day 4 to day 25.

During this phase you eat a mixed food meal (MKM) and drink two SHAPE BABE shakes per day.
Half an hour before a SHAPE BABE, take two SATIESCAPTION capsules. In the morning and at noon you take a SMOOTH ACTIVATOR capsule 30 minutes after the shake or your MKM.


Balance phase

In the balance phase you get your body used to your new weight with two MKMs and one shake per day. Half an hour before the shake you take the SATIESCAPTION capsules.

In the morning and at noon you take one SMOOTH ACTIVATOR capsule either after your MKMs or your shake.

If you find it easier to replace breakfast and lunch with the SHAPE BABE, then have an MKM in the evening and if you have an upcoming dinner invitation, just plan to have a SHAPE BABE in the morning and at lunch.

Try what works for you, depending on your mood of the day. It is important that during the Shape World weight loss cure you adhere to the recommendation to eat two SHAPE BABE meals plus one MKM daily during the weight loss phase and one SHAPE BABE meal plus two MKMs daily during the balance phase. This way you can achieve the best results.

For the optimal composition of a mixed-food meal, fill half of your plate with vegetables, salad and fruit. This is the colorful base.

Then add a protein side dish (¼ of the plate) and complete your meal with a filling carbohydrate side dish (¼ of the plate).

½ of the plate: vegetables, salad and/or fruit


¼ of the plate: carbohydrate side dish like

  • Wholemeal bread
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Whole grain rice
  • Potatoes
  • Unsweetened muesli


¼ of the plate: protein side dish like

  • Lean meat
  • Fish
  • Tofu
  • Eggs
  • Milk & products like yoghurt, curd & cheese

To measure the circumference of waist,
hips and thighs, it is best to use a tape measure.
Always measure at the widest point and make sure that you are not wearing any clothing during the measurement.

When weighing, here’s what to consider:


Place your scale on a level surface so that it can function properly.

If you get on the scale right after an all-you-can-eat evening, it will weigh your food right along with it – so it’s better to do it in the morning before breakfast.

For an accurate scale result, you should weigh yourself without heavy clothes and shoes – it’s best to always step on the scale in your underwear.

If you have lost a lot of water, a strenuous exercise session can skew the number on the scale. Water retention during your period can also add a pound or two to the scale.

We recommend that you drink 2-3 litres of water or unsweetened tea per day.
During the Shape World weight loss cure, your metabolism is driven, which is why your body needs enough fluids.

Of course you can also prepare an infused water. You can use lemon, peppermint or ginger for example. These give your water an additional freshness and flavour. There are no objections to it. However, we recommend that you do not sweeten your water.

EAT SLOWLY & DELIBERATELY. This way you give your body enough time to let you know when you are full. This can take up to 30 minutes. Become an epicure, so you don’t feel stuffed and sluggish after eating either.

GIVE YOURSELF BREAKS between meals (about 4 – 6 hours). Lots of little snacks throughout the day add up without you consciously realizing it. Caffeine helps to bridge hunger pangs between meals. Coffee (without milk and sugar), but also the SMOOTH ACTIVATOR capsules with Mate and Guaraná are suitable.

AVOID EMPTY CALORIES. Foods that are low in nutrients but high in calories do your body no good and slow down fat metabolism. Watch out for sugar, white bread and sweet drinks!

BE PREPARED and plan your meals first thing in the morning. This way you don’t have to react out of acute hunger pangs when your stomach is growling and there are only fast food restaurants nearby. And if you take a large glass of water with 2 SATIESCAPTION capsules 30 minutes before your meal, you will curb your hunger even more and can enjoy your meal in peace.

STAY FOCUSED and concentrate on your goals. A minor setback can happen to anyone, but try to pick up where you left off as quickly as possible. An unplanned night of feasting can be made up for the next day with a SHAPE BABE. Don’t throw it all away because of one slip-up, it will only frustrate you more afterwards.

MOTIVATE YOURSELF every day anew. It could be a nice bikini picture from last summer on the fridge or a saying on your phone screen. Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages for regular motivational posts and lots of other Shape Babes sharing and inspiring each other.

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