dos and don’ts

Yes, you can drink coffee without sugar during the entire SHAPE BABE weight loss cure. A small shot of milk is also fine.

If you still want it sweet, you can add some stevia.

Fruit also has its place in a balanced mixed diet meal and is therefore definitely allowed – but in moderation, not in masses. Because depending on the type of fruit, there is a lot of fructose in it, which increases your appetite and gets in the way of your success. Stick more to fruit with low fructose, like apples or berries. For this reason, we recommend that you do not use fruit as a snack either.

We recommend that you do not chew gum, as the chewing motion will stimulate your hunger. Generally, sugar-free gum isn’t bad, but it might make you hungry faster.

For the best results, you should avoid cheat days during the SHAPE BABE weight loss cure. If you can’t help it, limit yourself to one cheat meal during the weight loss or balance phase.

During the detox phase, it’s especially important that sugar withdrawal can take place and unfortunately, you can’t do that with a cheat day.

As long as you stick to a calorie-restricted diet and eat right, you don’t have to exercise to lose weight.

Exercise is important when losing weight because you want to keep your metabolism going. However, you should keep it to light exercise while losing weight. Because recent studies indicate that sport can even be a hindrance to losing weight.

The higher effort activates not only the metabolism, but also hunger. Often one takes up then by the sport more calories, than one burns. You know this from yourself when you reward yourself with delicious food after a strenuous sports session. However, we recommend losing weight with moderate exercise first, then exercise.

We do not recommend alcohol during the weight loss cure. Because regular alcohol consumption impairs metabolism and promotes the development of excess weight.

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