About the products of the ABNEHM COLLECTION

The SHAPE BABE weight loss cure is designed in such a way that you can achieve the greatest possible weight loss results in the shortest possible time. You can use the SATIESCAPTION and SMOOTH ACTIVATOR capsules as you wish to curb your hunger or to further boost your metabolism.

Our SHAPE BABE shake contains whey protein powder from cow’s milk. But there is also a vegan and lactose-free version, you can find it here.

Our SMOOTH ACTIVATOR capsules with mate, guarana and green tea are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Our SATIESCAPTION satiety capsules made from konjac mannan root are also 100% vegan and gluten-free.

To lose weight successfully in the long term and maintain your new weight, it is important to change your eating habits.

The products of the ABNEHM COLLECTION do not only help you to bring your change of diet successfully over the stage, they also help you if you want to compensate for smaller gluttony phases.

The Shape World weight loss cure is intended to be the start of a long-term dietary change. That is why we recommend that you continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet after the cure.

In our SHAPE BABE app, you’ll find lots of recipes, like our blended meals, to inspire you to implement a healthy, whole-foods diet. Then of course you can also start to tone your body with sports.

With MEAL-PLANNER+, let us plan your meals and guide you through the Shape World weight loss regimen and into a new way of life. The MEAL-PLANNER+ provides you for four weeks with delicious and varied recipes, which are individually adapted to you. It is your personal dietary change without yo-yo effect as a supplement to the ABNEHM COLLECTION or as a stepping stone to a healthy diet.
The MEAL-PLANNER+ is available in two versions.



As a supplement to your ABNEHM COLLECTION with 34 premium recipes.



Perfect after the Shape World weight loss cure for your NEW ME-PHASE with 84 premium recipes.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose between: MEAL-PLANNER+ for the weight loss & balance phase during your Shape World weight loss cure with the ABNEHM COLLECTION or MEAL-PLANNER+ New Me phase after the Shape World weight loss cure and pay conveniently online.
  2. Add the nutrition plan to your shopping cart and complete the order on the website.
  3. After your order is completed, you will receive an email. In this email is a link to your personal questionnaire.
  4. Tap on the link to open the questionnaire in the SHAPE BABE app.
  5. Answer the questions and submit your answers.
  6. Our nutrition experts will create your personalized nutrition plan tailored to your needs.
  7. Once your nutrition plan is ready, you’ll receive a push notification and can select the start date for your plan in the SHAPE BABE app.
  8. Your plan will automatically be added to your MEAL-PLANNER+ in the SHAPE BABE app.
  9. Please note that our nutrition experts will take the time to create a nutrition plan tailored to your needs. This may take one to three business days. Thank you for your patience!

If you stick to our recommended plan, the ABNEHM COLLECTION will last you 31 days. You will find this plan in your BABE Mag.

Yes, the BABE Mag is included in the package. This includes not only the instructions for the SHAPE BABE weight loss cure, but also tasty recipes recipes and practical tips for losing weight.

Yes, no problem, the BABE shaker is dishwasher safe.
It also does not contain plasticizers.

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