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It is important to provide the body with all the valuable macro and micro nutrients to avoid the yo-yo effect.

With the ABNEHM COLLECTION you gain a partner who weans you off sugar, supplies you with all the important nutrients and keeps you full and fit, while you can naturally find your best shape.

Through our sugar detox, you will be weaned off sugar during the Shape World weight loss regimen.

You have a high calorie deficit during the cure, but because your body gets all the valuable nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins, there is no malnutrition and the metabolism does not shut down. This leads to the fact that your body can help itself to its reserves and release the kilos. You’re losing weight.
And that without malnutrition and yo-yo effect.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommend that the intake of free sugars should remain below 25 g (6 teaspoons) per day. Free sugars” are monosaccharides (such as glucose and fructose) and disaccharides (such as sucrose or table sugar).
This includes not only free sugars added to foods by manufacturers or consumers, but also free sugars naturally present in foods such as honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates. The exception here is free sugars in fresh fruit, vegetables and milk, as no negative effect on health has been found here.

Fat does not equal fat. The body even needs a certain amount of fat. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends that around 30% of all calories should come from fatty foods. On average, about 60 to 80 grams of fat a day. If you eat more fats, they are accumulated in the body. It depends on what fats we ingest. Unsaturated fatty acids are healthy for your body. They are found, for example, in olives or walnuts. Fish also contain good fats. The hidden fats in sausage or cakes, on the other hand, are particularly unhealthy.

Visceral fat, also called white adipose tissue, is found primarily in the abdomen as belly fat around the organs. It increases the probability of contracting the typical diseases of civilisation, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Even lean people can have a high percentage of visceral fat if it is mainly around the organs.

Proteins are among the most important building materials of the body. They are involved in the building of organs, hormones, cells and especially in muscle building and growth. They also play a big role in weight loss as it increases the feeling of fullness and prevents muscle breakdown. For this reason, a protein side dish should not be missing from any main course.

Hunger as a life-sustaining signal indicates that our body needs a supply of nutrients. The focus is on the sugar level in the blood. When blood sugar levels drop, we get hungry. The faster the blood sugar level drops, the more violent the feeling of hunger. Sugar, i.e. glucose, must be provided.

Preferably, we then reach for carbohydrate-rich food. After all, carbohydrates are the most important source of energy. They consist of various sugar compounds that are broken down during digestion into one of their basic components, namely glucose. Glucose reaches the individual cells of the body via the blood, which use it to obtain energy.

Some carbohydrates enter the blood quickly. They break down quickly, spike blood sugar levels, provide short-term energy, but do not provide the body with other important nutrients. The glucose in the blood is soon used up, so the blood sugar level quickly drops again and hunger sets in again.

Therefore, carbohydrate-rich food, with a particularly high proportion of simple sugars, leads to a cycle of ever shorter hunger attacks and the associated ever increasing calorie intake.

So it’s important to satisfy your hunger with more protein-rich foods and complex carbohydrates (fiber, grains, whole grains).

To curb cravings, it is a good idea to go through a sugar detox (such as the SHAPE BABE weight loss cure). Here, care is taken to consume as little sugar as possible with the food, so that the natural feeling of hunger and fullness is restored.

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