All about diet types

In general, it is advisable to prefer drinks that contain sweeteners instead of sugar. However, keep in mind that light products, by definition, only have to contain 30% less calories, fat or sugar. Specifically, this means that they are not completely calorie, fat and sugar free. They continue to hit your calorie account. Therefore, we recommend that you prefer to drink water, infused water or unsweetened tea during your 31-day cure. Feel free to sweeten this one with flavor drops/sweeteners as well. According to this, sweeteners are definitely allowed but in moderation, not in masses.

Dieting does not equal losing weight when you try to lose weight by depriving yourself of food/ eating less. While this may be successful in the short term, it messes with your natural hunger satiety and metabolism. Often such diet approaches are unsuccessful in the long term, because the well-known yo-yo effect sets in.

A diet is only successful if the body is given what it needs while calorie intake is reduced. This way, the body gently loses weight and is also ready to burn the excess fat.

If the diet also includes a sugar withdrawal, as with the Shape World weight loss cure, the eating habits can also be changed in the long term without any problems.

The combination of gentle reduction of calorie intake, sugar withdrawal and permanent change of eating habits to a healthy and balanced diet would thus be a successful “diet”.

Many people make the mistake of trying to force their bodies to lose weight simply by depriving themselves of food or eating less. As a result, the body not only becomes deficient in vitamins and minerals due to the drastically reduced food intake, but it also shuts down its metabolism to protect itself. As a result, your body burns fewer calories and it is even more tedious to lose weight. When the diet is then stopped, weight gain occurs abruptly (yo-yo effect), as the body now tries to store as much energy from the ingested food for the next drought. The metabolism also does not really get going again, so the energy intake must continue to be kept very low.

No Carbs is not a solution for long term weight loss success. For healthy and long-term weight loss, the body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates so that it also goes to its fat reserves when losing weight. What is much more important is what these carbohydrates consist of. Here, the carbohydrates should be complex carbohydrates (fiber, cereals, whole grains), if possible. Since this can be very complicated to begin with, we have developed the Shape World weight loss cure so that you have an easy start in losing weight and changing your diet.

Juice detox results in malnutrition. Although the juices often contain enough vitamins and minerals, the too low calorie count forces the body to shut down its metabolism. The often insufficient amount of protein also leads to malnutrition.

From the detox phase onwards, you can snack on a carrot or some cucumber between meals. However, it is best if you manage without snacks during this time, because during the cure your body should get used to a healthy hunger-fullness rhythm. We always recommend a period of about 4-6 hours between your meals, in order to lose weight successfully in the long term and to maintain the new weight, we recommend that you continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet after the cure. After your successfully completed weight loss cure, we recommend you to do some sports. This way you not only keep your body fit, but also reduce stress. You also deserve healthy snacks from a strenuous workout.
After the cure, you can gradually incorporate nutritious and healthy snacks with little sugar, into your daily routine after a full meal. However, you should pay attention to the quantity and the ingredients of your snacks. It’s best to eat a snack right after your MKM, for dessert. This will successfully maintain your hunger-satiety rhythm.

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