Info about the SHAPE BABE

SHAPE BABE mixed with low-fat milk is a meal replacement for a weight-controlling diet and provides your body with all the important proteins, vitamins and minerals. If you replace two main meals a day with SHAPE BABE, you can lose weight.

Of course, the same goes for our SHAPE BABE Porridge.

No, a meal replacement, such as the SHAPE BABE shake, is composed according to clearly defined European guidelines so that malnutrition does not occur when meals are replaced. Since a usual protein shake usually contains too little carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber, replacing a meal with normal protein shakes leads to malnutrition.

You can also lose weight with just the SHAPE BABE.

However, you can lose weight most effectively with our ABNEHM COLLECTION. This is designed to help you lose weight most effectively while staying fit and full. The whole collection can make it even easier for you to lose weight, as the capsules contained in it provide you with additional support.

SATIESCAPTION: The satiety capsules can provide a natural feeling of satiety.

SMOOTH ACTIVATOR: Our SMOOTH ACTIVATOR contains Guaraná plus Mate plus Green Teaequal to 233 mg of caffeine. Mate, green tea and guarana extracts provide a good dose of caffeine – like a gentle good morning kiss.

Both capsules are 100% vegan and gluten-free.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) confirms that replacing two main daily meals with one SHAPE BABE each, as part of a low calorie diet, can help you lose weight. So you can lose weight if you eat two SHAPE BABE shakes and one mixed food meal (MKM) a day.
This of course also applies to our SHAPE BABE Porridge.

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