Tips for your workout

Sport makes you happy!
During sports, endorphins circulate in large quantities in your organism. The body’s own happiness hormones ensure a good mood and lots of motivation.

Sport makes you active!
An extensive workout stimulates the organism, improves blood circulation and boosts the metabolism. You are less tired and feel fitter in the long term in your everyday life.

Sport reduces stress!
During your workout you can really let off steam, let out frustration and your body and soul can relax.

Sport tones your body!
Fat loss and muscle building make flab disappear. Improved blood circulation makes for firmer and smoother skin.

Sport strengthens your immune system!
Sporting activity strengthens your defences and protects the organism against infections.

Sports make you smart!
The brain is also supplied with a large portion of oxygen during your workout. Your concentration is strengthened and your thinking power is promoted.

Sport strengthens self-confidence!
If you exercise regularly and pursue your goals step by step, you will also feel more motivated and self-confident in your everyday life.

Sport provides recreation!
If you regularly engage in intensive sports, the quality of sleep improves, the body comes to rest faster.

Sport connects!
Doing sports together is not only fun, but you can also motivate each other and support each other during difficult exercises.

Sport makes you productive!
Have you been despairing of this one difficult task for ages? Try to clear your head by taking an active break. The sporting activity will give you new strength to cope with your task.

TOO LITTLE – Make sure to take in extra protein during training phases. If you are not making any progress despite a workout and a healthy diet, this may be due to too little protein.

TOO FAST – Perform your exercises calmly and cleanly. Only then are they effective and bring something. Don’t cheat!

TOO LIGHT – Don’t be afraid of weights and that you’ll build too much muscle with them. Women can only get lean muscle due to hormones. So go for the weights!

TOO MUCH – If you put yourself through too much at once, you increase the risk of dropping out prematurely. Whether it’s in the individual exercise or the workout plan in general, be careful not to overextend yourself. Stay realistic and motivated!

It’s best to work out two to four times a week for one to one and a half hours each time. Your body will be happy if you take a day off between workouts. This is a good way to schedule your sports sessions so that you are active every other day.

Our fitness experts have created the perfect gym plan to help you get started.

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