With the GYM COLLECTION you get an optimal workout companion that can effectively support you during your workout. The SHAPE BABE GYM provides you with plenty of protein.

SHAPE BABE GYM: The SHAPE BABE GYM is a protein shake with high-quality proteins and additional vitamins, which is suitable for regeneration and nutrient supply after training. On non-workout days, our SHAPE BABE GYM can also be used as an additional protein source to supplement your meals. Depending on your preference, mix 30 grams (approx. one heaped measuring spoon) of powder with 300 ml of water, low-fat milk or plant milk such as almond or coconut milk.

GYM & TONIN’: Our GYM & TONIN’ chewable tablets support muscles, strength, energy, your regeneration and performance during and after training. For best results, take three to four GYM & TONIN’ chewable tablets daily. About an hour before your workout on workout days and in the morning on other days. To do this, we recommend that you train for two to three hours a week. During the intake phase, make sure you drink an additional one to two litres of water (three to five litres in total).

SMOOTH ACTIVATOR: Our SMOOTH ACTIVATOR contains Guaraná plus Mate plus Green Tea equal to 233 mg of caffeine. Mate, green tea and guarana extracts provide a good dose of caffeine – like a gentle good morning kiss.

If you’re looking for muscle building support, the GYM COLLECTION is for you.

With the GYM COLLECTION you also receive a training plan. There you can see how many days you should exercise and when it is best to take the SHAPE BABE GYM shake.



  • are looking for a perfect workout partner
  • want better muscle tone
  • relies on a high-quality Whey isolate
  • want to start your workout in the best possible way and define your body

The GYM COLLECTION consists of the SHAPE BABE GYM protein isolate – your protein shake after the workout, the GYM & TONIN`chewable tablets with Creapure ®, the SMOOTH ACTIVATOR (metabolism capsules) & a BABE shaker. The practical GYM Mag, with all the important information, is also included.

The ABNEHM COLLECTION and the GYM COLLECTION pursue two different goals. While the ABNEHM COLLECTION is designed for weight reduction and dietary changes, our GYM COLLECTION serves as your optimal companion for your workout.
For this reason we would not recommend a combination of both.

A meal replacement, such as SHAPE BABE, is composed according to clearly defined European guidelines so that malnutrition does not occur when meals are replaced. Because a protein shake is too low in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber, SHAPE BABE GYM is not a full meal.
The SHAKE BABE GYM serves as a protein source to supplement your meals.

So that you have an optimal starting position to successfully start your workout, we recommend that you do the ABNEHM COLLECTION beforehand. With the ABNEHM COLLECTION you can reduce your weight and change your diet.

Creatine increases physical performance during high-speed strength training in the context of short-term, intense, physical stress.

  • Creatine can support you during your workout by providing an effective energy supply.
  • Creatine can allow you to train at a high level for longer without over-acidifying your muscles.
  • Creatine can give your body more muscle tone and more power during workouts.

Creapure is a German branded product, as it is the only creatine monohydrate manufactured in Germany and stands for high quality thanks to its strong quality controls.

Creapure® naturally supports the production of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), which acts as the natural fuel of the muscles during athletic activities.
By taking Creapure:

  • you can improve your physical performance,
  • you can delay the formation of lactic acid in your muscles,
  • you can increase your performance and have more strength, for a longer and more effective training and
  • you can increase your muscle toning.

We recommend that you only take our GYM & TONIN` chewable tablets for a few weeks. After that you can take a short break of maximum three months, in order to be able to start again with the sport.

Every GYM COLLECTION comes with our GYM Mag. This includes not only the Gym Plan, but also delicious recipes and practical workout tips and tricks.

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