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Discover our weight loss cure, an effective dietary change that helps you to reduce your weight. With SOM15 you even save 15% on weight loss products up to and including 07/31/2021.

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The Shape World weight loss cure was designed with love by us for you, so that you finally get support for your weight loss goals. She’ll teach you how to eat right in the accompanying BABE Mag and show you what’s appropriate and easy recipes for mixed-food meals in the free SHAPE BABE app. Replace your meals with our Shape Babe meal replacement. As a full meal, it contains all the important nutrients that a meal should also contain. Our weight loss cure also consists of other products that will make your diet easier and help you reach your goals. We take you from the beginning, by the hand and accompany you on your way to your healthy self. Here you can learn more about our Weight Loss Collection.

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