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In 2016, Shape World GmbH was founded and your partner in weight loss, fitness and nutrition was born.

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14. Februar 2017

Shape World Shop first saw the light of day on Valentine’s Day and has been making plenty of health-conscious customers happy ever since.

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15. Mai 2018

The SHAPE BABE app was born, bringing you tons of delicious protein recipes, SHAPE BABE recipes, and yummy blended food meals. But also a body tracker and planner for your weight loss cure.

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15. September 2018

From now on the MEAL-PLANNER is available in 2 versions for you. With this diet plan, you can either lose weight with premium recipes or you want to stay balanced and maintain your weight.

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Oktober 2018

10 Shape World fans have decided to share their outstanding weight loss successes with us and how they managed to find their very own NEW ME.

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März 2020

It was time for a new coat of paint: the Shape World Shop shines in new splendor!


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Wir gefallen Dir?

Are you passionate about our products? Then why don’t you join us? We welcome every new employee, regardless of gender or origin – the more colourful the better!


Simply apply under:

You can find current job postings here.



As Managing Director, I mainly make sure that everyone feels comfortable at and with Shape World. At the heart of this endeavour are our customers and, of course, the Shape World team.


business analyst
I find it exciting to follow Shape World as they journey into the future. On this “wild ride” I try to support the managing director and the whole team in the best possible way and to constantly develop and implement new ideas.


head of marketing
What makes the Shape World marketing strategy work? Orientation towards Watzlawick’s axioms paired with love for the customer and his needs. I myself am passionate about marketing and love the Marvel and DC universes.


performance marketing manager
“The best ideas come to me when I imagine I am my own customer.” – Charles Lazarus
I see it as my mission to find those who can identify with Shape World out of over 80 million people every day. Thereby I use my concentrated competence on performance level to generate a targeted reach.


Influencer Marketing Manager

When the vision is clear, strategy is easy: My vision and also passion as Influencer Marketing Manager at Shape World is to tell as many people out there as possible about a practical way to achieve their long-term physical goals and feel good with and in their bodies through our brand ambassadors.


Graphic Designer
I am so proud to be a part of the Shape World Family and to enrich you all with my creativity. Albert Einstein once said, “Don’t give up what’s important to you just because it’s not easy!” I want to give you a vision and support you in your journey. No road is easy, but only those who give up will not get there. If you keep going, you’ll find your way.


Customer Care Manager
Sport has been part of my everyday life since I can remember! It was quickly clear that the topic of sport should also play a role in my professional life.
Baking and cooking are among my greatest passions – I love to create new recipes in the kitchen and give free rein to my creativity to surprise my loved ones again and again with new delicacies.


Junior Marketing Manager
Zig Ziglar’s quote “stop selling, start helping” describes my biggest vision for Shape World. I myself love sports and healthy eating. So it has always been my greatest wish to be able to combine my personal passions with my profession – and here I am – Exactly where I wanted to be.



Feel like making a change? We offer you the right helpers to support you in achieving your individual goals. Not only will you get the most out of yourself, you can also find your way into a new way of eating. This way you not only get the best out of yourself, you also form a new attitude towards life:

the best version of you.


Here are some good reasons why Shape World and our online shop are the right choice for you:

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